Hot Sale Metal Zipper-Titanium Alloy Zipper

1.Light weight
The density of titanium is 4.54g/cm3, which is 43% lighter than steel, while the density of aluminum is 2.7g/cm3. Combining the two together, the material is lighter than brass, and its strength is not inferior to brass. At the same length, its weight is about 60% of that of brass metal zippers.

2.Low price
Titanium alloy zippers are made of titanium-aluminum alloy. Titanium-aluminum alloy itself is a non-magnetic, reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving material whose heavy metal content is within the environmental protection standard. , and the price is 2/3 of the copper zipper.

3.High quality
In terms of physical properties, the mechanical strength of titanium alloy zippers is similar to that of copper zippers. Among the performance indicators of all items tested, except that the flat pull strength is lower than that of copper chains (titanium alloy zipper flat pull strength ≥ 400N), its physical performance indicators are not inferior. For copper tooth zipper. Because the aluminum surface in the material itself reacts with the air to act as a protective layer, and the surface coloring of the titanium alloy zipper is different from the oxidation coloring process of the copper zipper. In the atmosphere and seawater medium, its oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance are better than copper zippers, and it can withstand high and low temperatures, and long-distance sea transportation will not be affected.


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