Guangzhou Evernice Technology Development Co., Ltd is a professional R & D, manufacturing, and sales zipper and zip accessories company. The main products are metal zippers, nylon zippers, resin zippers, waterproof zippers, invisible zippers, pants chains, shoe chains, zipper heads, zipper pulls, and ziper accessories.

Nylon Zipper

The advantages of nylon zippers are their bright color and winding, nylon zippers are used in luggage, clothing, bedding, and tents.


Resin Zipper

The Material of the resin zipper is POM. the resin zipper has good durability, it is often used as a jacket zipper and pouch zipper.


Metal Zipper

Metal zippers have strong teeth and a luxurious look and are used in jeans, handbags, coats, and shoes, etc.


Waterproof Zipper

Add the Waterproof coating on the nylon zipper to make the zipper splash resistant, designed for use on coats and backpacks.

Zipper Puller

Customized zipper pulls to add a level of branding to garments.                                                         

Zipper Accessories

Zipper Stoper is an essential part of zipper production and can also be used to repair zippers.



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