Zipper Accessories

The raw material is H65 environmentally friendly brass material, which makes the Stopper not easy to rust and has a strong bite force.

The role of zipper accessories is to prevent the slider from falling off, suitable for zipper manufacture and repairs such as garments and bags.

Finish Zipper Details

Through the above pictures, we can understand the professional analysis of the zipper and the various components of the zipper. including Top Stopper, slider, puller, teeth, tape, bottom stopper, and pin&box.

zipper type

Standard Open-End Zipper

2 top stoppers and 1 pin&box are required.

Two-Way Open-End Zipper

2 top stoppers and 1 pin&box for two sliders are required.

Standard Closed-End Zipper

2 top stoppers and 1 bottom stopper are required.

X Shape Close-End Zipper

4 top stoppers are required.

O Shape Close-End Zipper

2 bottom stoppers are required.

Zipper Stopper Size

#3 Square Top Stopper
Length: 5mm
Width: 4mm

#3 Top Stopper
Length: 2mm
Width: 3mm

#5 Top Stopper
Length: 3mm
Width: 5mm

#8 Bottom Stopper
Length: 5mm
Width: 3mm

#3 Bottom Stopper
Length: 5mm
Width: 3mm

#5 Bottom Stopper
Length: 6mm
Width: 4mm

#8 Bottom Stopper
Length: 9mm
Width: 6mm

Custom Stopper Color

The above is the common metallic luster color of the metal zipper. We can choose the Stopper color according to the zipper teeth color. We can also produce any kind of color through the spray painting process, including black and white.

Other Zipper Accessories

We are a professional zipper factory, a one-stop solution to customers’ problems with zippers, and supply a complete range of zipper accessories, including Replaceable Puller, zipper tails, zipper grease, zipper pliers, reinforce tape, and zipper glue. If you have any questions about zippers, please contact us.


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