Bottom Stopper Close End Zipper Machine

Bottom Stopper Close End Zipper Machine


Strong Versatility Fully Automatic Zipper Bottom Stopper Close End Zipper Machine Suitable For Nylon Metal Invisible Zipper

The product is a machine of the HJM-102MA-H model, suitable for 220VAC voltage, power of 0.75KW. Average output per hour is 3,500 pieces/20cm. Net weight is 190kg, size is 80cmx60cmx155cm. Adaptive specifications include 2# M, 3#M, 4#M, 5#M and 7#M.


Thank you for choosing our Bottom Stopper Zipper Machine. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install the machine properly.

Before You Begin

Before starting the installation process, please ensure that you have the following items:

  • Bottom Stopper Zipper Machine
  • Installation manual
  • Required tools (wrench, screwdriver, etc.)

Installation Steps

  1. Unpack the machine and remove all packaging materials.
  2. Place the machine on a sturdy and level surface.
  3. Refer to the installation manual for specific instructions on connecting the power supply and other electrical components.
  4. Attach the appropriate accessories and attachments according to the machine’s specifications.
  5. Adjust the machine’s settings and controls as per your requirements.
  6. Ensure that all connections are secure and properly tightened.
  7. Test the machine by running a sample operation to ensure it is functioning correctly.
  8. Refer to the user manual for further instructions on operating and maintaining the Bottom Stopper Zipper Machine.


By following these installation steps, you will be able to set up your Bottom Stopper Zipper Machine efficiently. If you encounter any difficulties during the installation process, please refer to the installation manual or contact our customer support for assistance.

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