Remove Nylon Zipper Tooth Machine

Remove Nylon Zipper Tooth Machine


Fully Automatic Remove Tooth Setting Machine Touch Screen CNC Gapping Zipper Machine Suitable For Nylon

The product is a machine of the HJM-100NA model, suitable for 220VAC voltage and power of 1.5KW.An average of 3,000 products of 50cm can be produced per hour, with a net weight of 250kg.The size of the machine is 140cm x 78cm x 165cm.Applicable to products of 3#N/I, 4#N /I, 5#N & I, 8#N and 10#N specifications.

Remove Nylon Zipper Tooth Machine

The Remove Nylon Zipper Tooth Machine is a high-quality tool designed to efficiently remove damaged or unwanted zipper teeth from garments and accessories. This innovative machine is a must-have for tailors, seamstresses, and anyone who works with zippers.

Efficient and Easy to Use

This machine is engineered to remove zipper teeth quickly and effortlessly. Its ergonomic design allows for easy handling and precise control, ensuring accurate tooth removal without damaging the fabric. Simply place the garment or accessory on the machine’s platform, align the zipper tooth with the designated area, and activate the machine. The tooth will be safely and efficiently removed, leaving a clean and smooth zipper track.

Durable and Reliable

The Remove Nylon Zipper Tooth Machine is built to last. It is constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and provide long-lasting performance. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and durability, making it a reliable tool for professional use.

Versatile and Convenient

It can be used on a wide range of garments and accessories, such as jackets, pants, dresses, bags, and more. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and store, making it a versatile tool for on-the-go professionals.

Enhance Your Work Efficiency

The Remove Nylon Zipper Tooth Machine is a valuable addition to any sewing or tailoring workshop. By efficiently removing damaged or unwanted zipper teeth, it allows you to repair and alter garments with ease, saving you time and effort. Improve your work efficiency and deliver high-quality results with this reliable and user-friendly machine.

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