Puller Body/zipper Head/puller

Puller Body/zipper Head/puller
The Main Part Of The Pull Head. The Puller Body Has Two Inlet Ports And A Meshing Outlet, An Upper Plate And A Lower Plate. The Upper Plate Has A Nose Pull And Is Connected To The Lower Plate Through A Core. The Inner Side Of The Lower Plate Of The Pull Head For Nylon Zippers Has Upper Tendons And Lower Tendons.
Write To Just Engaged In Clothing Company Procurement Personnel Or Just Into The Line Of The Same People: We Say Nylon Zipper Head, Cui Steel Zipper Head, Metal Zipper Head These, Do Not Refer To The Material Of The Pull Head, But Refer To The Material Of The Chain Teeth, So The Commonly Called Pull Head Accurate Name Should Be: Nylon Zipper Pull Head, Plastic Steel Zipper With A Pull Head, Metal Zipper With A Zipper Head
Why Do We Have These Zip Ends? Is It Possible To Unify To None? That’s Because Different Varieties Of Drawstring Width, Degree, And Thickness Are. They Are Different. As Shown In Figures A And B, To Match The Size Of Zipper And B, The Size Of Nylon Zipper, Plastic Steel Zipper, And Metal Zipper Are Different Respectively

Zipper Head According To Nylon, Metal, and Glue Teeth Zipper Is Also Divided Into The Following Types: Nylon Zipper Head Pull Head Body Overall Shape Is Generally Semi-circular. Because Only One Side Of The Nylon Zipper Has Teeth, So The Fabric Seam One Side Is Wider, and One Side Is Narrower. Metal Zipper Head Zipper Head Overall Angular Or Angular Obvious, Because Both Sides Have Teeth, So The Side Fabric Seam On Both Sides Of The Same Width. Plastic Steel Zipper Head, The Whole Zipper Head Is Semicircular Solitary Shape Or Butterfly Shape. Because Both Sides Have Teeth, So The Side Seam Of the Cloth Is Equally Lonely On Both Sides.
Sliders Are Divided Into Automatic Head, Like Rest Heads, European Head, Locomotive, Yg Head, Copper Cap Head, And So On. According To Different Materials, It Is Divided Into Zinc Alloy Pull Head, Steel Pull Head Plastic Pull Head)

1, Automatic Pull Head Auto-lock Slider: When The Pull Head Is Not Lifted, It Can Be Automatically Locked. Usually Divided Into Five-piece Set And Three-piece Set Automatic Head Generally Abbreviated As N51a, D51a, M51a……
Five-piece Set (for All Models): Pull Head Slider Body, Pull Piece Puller, Empty Cover Mpty Cap+ Elastic Cap Spring, Horse Needle (y And C Shapes) Three-piece Set (usually Used For Nylon No.3, Metal 4.5#/ Also Known As Large 3 Or Small 4): Pull Head Slider Body, Puller Puller, Shingle Type Cap Spring Cap Hit Four Points: Hit 2 Points On The Left And Right Sides Of The Cap Cap, A Total Of 4 Points
Two-point Pull: 1 Point On The Front And Back Of The Cap

2, Like Nose Head, Is Also Called Non-lock Slider Is Pull Head Only Pull Head Body + Pull Piece Combination, Without Any Lock. Usually Used For Sheets Or Bags. Simple Manufacturing And Low Cost.
Elephant Nose Commonly Abbreviated As N56, D56, M56.. -.

3, Italy Style Slider This Pull Head Also Has A Lock
The Quality Of This Shrapnel Is Best Made By Mm(three) Factory In Italy. China Hasn’t Found A Suitable One Yet. Eurolar Head Body + Piece Shrapnel. The Structure Of This European Puller Requires A Separate Water Outlet For Each Puller. So, Except For The Fact That Number Three Makes Six. Other Models Can Only Make Up To Four Capsules. Some Guests In Other Countries Have Seen It Can Be Much Smaller.
A Copper Yg Head And A Zinc Alloy Yg Head, Often Used In Metal Zippers. There Are Separate Single Lock And Double Locks. According To The Needs Of The Machine, The Drawing Can Be Divided Into Positive Direction And Reverse Direction.

The Zipper Head Comes In 10 Models.

1, Invisible Zipper: Nylon, Cloth Edge, Lace 2#-5#.
2, Elephant Nose: Nylon, Plastic Steel, Metal 2#-10#.
3, Automatic Head: Nylon, Plastic Steel, Metal 2#-10# (another Each And Play Two Points, Play Four Points).
4. Locomotive: Ni Have Elephant Trunk Locomotive, Automatic Locomotive (5#8#10#).
5, European Head: Nylon, Plastic Steel, Metal (3#-10#).
6, Yg Head: Ni 3#, 5#.
7. Needle: Ni 3#, 45#, 5#.
8, Metal Zipper: #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8, #9.
9. Nylon Zipper: #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8, #9, #10.
10, Injection Molding Zipper: #3, #4, #5, #8, #10.

Zipper Is A Connecting Piece That Combines Or Separates Items By Continuous Chain Teeth. It Is Widely Used In Clothing, Bags, Tents And So On.
Like The Zipper Has Two Chain Belt, Each Piece Of Chain Belt Has A Row Of Chain Teeth, Two Rows Of Chain Teeth Staggered Arrangement Of The Zipper By The Chain Teeth, Pull Head, Up And Down (front And Back Code) Or Locking Parts. The Chain Teeth Are The Key Part Which Directly Determines The Side Tensile Strength Of The Zipper.


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