The Solution to Stuck Zipper

Zipper jamming refers to the situation where the zipper gets stuck or becomes unsmooth when pulling it, resulting in difficulty in opening or closing it smoothly. Below, I will introduce several common solutions.

  1. Use lubricant: Spray a suitable amount of lubricant on the zipper and then repeatedly open and close it a few times to allow the lubricant to penetrate the teeth of the zipper, making the zipper smoother.
  2. Clean the zipper: The zipper may get stuck due to impurities or dust. You can use a soft bristle brush or a thin long brush to clean the teeth of the zipper, remove impurities or dust, and rinse with clean water. Then try to open and close the zipper again.
  3. Adjust the zipper head: Sometimes, the zipper head is not in the correct position or is loose, which can cause the zipper to jam. You can use small pliers to slightly adjust the position of the zipper head, ensuring that it aligns with the teeth of the zipper, and then try to open and close it.
  4. Trim the zipper tail: If the zipper tail is too long, it may get caught in the teeth of the zipper, causing it to jam. You can use scissors or pliers to trim a part of the zipper tail to make it level with the teeth of the zipper. Then try to open and close it again.
  5. Replace the zipper: If none of the above methods work, it may be a problem with the zipper itself, and it may be necessary to consider replacing the zipper. You can purchase a suitable replacement zipper from a professional sewing shop or textile market and then follow the instructions for replacement.

Finally, to avoid zipper jamming problems, it is important to maintain and use them properly. Avoid keeping the zipper in the open or closed position for extended periods of time to prevent deformation. Also, try to gently pull the zipper instead of using force during use to reduce the possibility of jamming.


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