Zipper Repair Methods And Maintenance Skills

Knowing Some Tips And Methods For Caring For Your Zipper Can Extend The Life Of Your Zipper.

1. During Normal Use, Pay Attention To Whether There Are Any Problems Such As “broken Belly”, “tooth Loss”, Skew, Etc. On The Zipper. These Problems Should Be Repaired In Time, And Do Not Pull Hard. If The Zipper Is Loose And The Teeth Are Loose, You Can Use A Small Hammer To Tap The Zipper Head A Few Times To Make The Upper And Lower Chain Teeth Bite Tighter, So That The Teeth Will Not Come Off Again.
2. The Aluminum Alloy Zipper Is More Susceptible To Corrosion, So It Should Be Kept Dry And Not Exposed To Moisture To Prevent The Aluminum Teeth From Forming White Oxides, Which Will Cause The Zipper To Rust Over Time And Affect The Use. Contact With Acidic Substances. When Storing, Ensure A Certain Degree Of Ventilation, Do Not Seal It, And Do Not Store It In A Humid Environment. If Necessary, Use Moisture-proof Paper Or Dehumidifier. If The Zipper Becomes Astringent When It Is Wet, At This Time, First Dry The Zipper In The Sun, Then Apply Some Wax On The Teeth Of The Zipper, And Then Bake It With Fire, So That It Is Very Smooth When Used.
3. When Pulling The Zipper, You Should First Align The Teeth On Both Sides, And Then Hold The Zipper Head And Gently Pull It Forward Along The Track, Do Not Pull It Hard, So As To Avoid “skewed Teeth”, “broken Belly” And “tooth Loss” . If The Zipper Is Astringent And Cannot Be Pulled Flexibly, You Can Wipe It With A Cloth First And Then Put A Layer Of White Wax On The “teeth”.
4. All Kinds Of Bags, Pockets Or Wallets With Zippers Should Not Be Overfilled, Otherwise The Zipper Will Easily Cause “broken Belly”, “tooth Loss”, Skew And Soft Cloth.

Zipper Repair Method

There Are Usually The Following Cases Of Zipper Damage, And There Are Many Maintenance Methods. The Following Are Some Suggestions:

1, If The Iron Edge On Both Sides Of The Zipper Falls Off. How To Fix It: You Can Fold One End Of A Staple Inward So That It Is Parallel To The Iron Bar And Straighten The Other End. Depending On How Long The Iron Edge Of The Zipper Falls Off, Cut Off The Excess Of The Staple From The Extended End. The Cut Staple Should Be Placed In The Same Place As The Original Iron Edge, With The Back End Placed Under It, Flush With The Bottom Edge Of The Zipper, And The Other End Folded To The Same Point. Then Sew Two Pieces Back And Forth With A Windbreaker Needle With A Locking Stitch, Wrapping The Staple Inside With A Width Equal To The Original Iron Edge; The Bottom Edge Of The Staple Is Sewn With A Tight Zipper, The Seam Is Smooth, And Then Touched With Wax, So That The Maintenance Effect Is Like The Original Iron Edge, Opening And Pulling Freely.

  1. If The Zipper Lacks Teeth. Description Of Maintenance Method: Pry Open The Teeth Of The Zipper At The Original End With A Tip Or A Photo, Remove Several Teeth, Install Them On The Missing Teeth, And Then Gently Press The Teeth Against The Edge Of The Cloth With The Tip Of The Tip, So That He Can Firmly Bite.
  2. Sometimes The Zipper Can Not Be Opened, Or It Can Not Be Moved Halfway, Which Is Because The Teeth Of The Pull Are Crooked, Or The Fibers Of The Cloth Are Loose. If The Tooth Is Crooked, You Can First Straighten It With A Steel Needle, Then Smooth It, And Then Gently Flatten The Tooth With A Mallet. Then The Tooth Will Work. If The Band Is Loose, The Canthus Can Be Pulled Firmly Against The Mismatched Band So That The Drawn Teeth Are Evenly Arranged.
  3. There Are Two Reasons Why The Zipper Is Not Smooth: First, The Chain Teeth Are Rusted Or Stained With Dirt; The Other Is That There Is Something Like A Cloth Edge In The Logos. The Former, Just Use The Stone Wax On Both Sides Of The Zipper Gently Rub, You Can Smooth Freely; The Latter, Should Slowly Return The Key Head To The Original Place, To The Body Foreign Body. The Zipper Can Not Be Closed Because It Has Been Used For A Long Time, And The Spacing Between The Upper And Lower Pieces Of The Chain Head Is Jiangda Or Changed. Just Pinch It Up And Down Or Side To Side With The Pliers, But Be Careful Not To Push Too Hard So As Not To Break The Clamp
resin zipper

5, If The Zipper Lock Is Broken, You Can Only Change The Zipper Lock.

6, If It Is Not Broken, Follow The Following Steps: First, Pull Down The Top Tooth Of The Zipper With Pliers, On Both Sides; Then Pull The Lock Of The Zipper To The Top; Then Bring The Two Sides Of The Teeth Together; Then Put The Zipper Lock Into It (there Is A Certain Difficulty, Because The Diameter Line Of The Metal Zipper Is Relatively Thick, If It Is Not Set Into The Diameter Line Cut A Small Mouth, Remember, Do Not In The Place Where The Teeth Are Cut, Should Be On The Top Of The Place Cut, Otherwise The Teeth Will Not Be Installed Up); Finally, After The Zip Lock Is Put In, The Big Teeth Are Ready.

7, Zipper Slip Tips: Zipper Damp Or Rust, Oxidation, Pull When Not Smooth, Hard Also Pull Not Move, Such As With A Candle In Two Rows Of Teeth Rub Back And Forth A Few Times, And Put On The Fire To Bake, Pull Up Is Very Slippery.

8, If The Zipper Pull Their Own Burst Open: This Problem Is Because The Head Pulled For Too Long, The Caliber Has Become Larger, If You Want To Temporarily Solve, Use The Pliers To Pull The Head Tail There Clamp It, Pay Attention To The Tail, But Pay Attention Not To Be Too Hard Or Clamp, If You Want To Completely Solve The Pull Head Replaced.


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