Zipper Components

Below We Describe The Zipper Structure In The Above Figure In Detail As Follows

(1) (tape) A Flexible Belt Woven From Cotton Yarn, Chemical Fiber Or Mixed Chemical Fiber, Used To Carry Fastener Elements And Other Zipper Components.

(2) (bead) The Edge Of The Tape Is Used To Carry The Reinforcing Part Of The Metal Or Plastic Element.

(3) (rope) Refers To A Rope-like Object Composed Of Multiple Fibers In The Middle Of The Ribbon.

(4) (scoops) Refers To The Teeth Of A Certain Shape After Processing Of Metal, Plastic And Other Materials.

(5) (filler Cord) Is A Rope Made From Multi-strand Fiber Threads And Used For The Production Of Nylon Zipper Fastener Chains.

(6) (chain) Refers To The Chain Elements Arranged In A Row.

(7) (one Side Zipper Chain) The Tooth Chain Is Fixed On The Cloth Belt And Called The Tooth Chain Belt.

(8) (zipper Chain) The Chain Belt Is Formed By Meshing The Two Sides Of The Chain Belt.

(9) (top Stop) A Stopper Fixed On The Fastener Chain To Prevent The Slider From Sliding Out Of The Fastener Chain When The Fastener Chain Is Closed.

(10) (bottom Stop) Is A Stopper That Is Fixed On The Chain Belt To Prevent The Slider From Sliding Out Of The Chain Belt When The Chain Is Pulled Open, And That The Chain Belts On Both Sides Cannot Be Completely Separated.

(11) (back & Forth Head Tape) The Tape Without The Element Part On The Zipper Is Called The Head, The Upper End Is The Front Head, And The Lower End Is The Rear Head.

(12) (pin Separable) A Tubular Piece That Is Fixed At The End Of The Open-end Zipper And Used To Completely Separate The Chain.

(13) (box Retainer) Is Fixed At The End Of The Open-end Zipper And Is Used To Completely Separate The Square Pieces Of The Chain Belt.

(14) (two Pin) Is A Tube-shaped Stopper On The Double-opening Zipper That Is Matched With The Cannula.

(15) (strengthened Tape) Is A Composite Film Used To Enhance The Bonding Strength Of The Cannula, The Socket And The Cloth Tape And Improve The Service Life Of The Zipper.

(16) (slider) A Moving Part That Engages And Pulls Apart The Elements.


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