Zipper Sewing Method, Origin, Identification, And How To Choose

Set The Zipper Opening With Fake Thread For 5/8 Inch Seam Position And Seam Position, Then Iron The Seam Position, Place The Closed Zipper Facing The Good Seam Position On The Reverse Side Of The Garment Sheet, So That The Edge Of The Cloth On The Right Side Of The Zipper Is Aligned With The Seam Position Edge Of The Garment Sheet. With Seam Of 1/4 Inch Seam Zipper Cloth And Paper, Must Be Careful, Don’t Live Pieces, Then Put The Zipper Flip To The Front, As Near To The Fake Stitching Along The False Suture Or Car And The Other Side Of The Zipper, Then Open The Fabric, Make Heads Are Measured.2d Pattern, From The Bottom Of The Zipper Front Car 3/8 Of An Inch Wide Open Wire To The Top, Then Removed The False Stitches.

Hidden Form Is An Easy And Quick Way To Install Zippers. Because There Is No Need For Fake Line And Front Line, The Invisible Zipper Is Used To Press The Foot, Which Can Make The Line As Close As Possible To The Zipper Teeth, So As To Achieve The Invisible Effect That The Zipper “disappears” In The Garment Piece From The Front. 3. “middle Seam” Zipper Sewing Method: The Sewing Position Of The Car Is Good, The Sewing Position Is Ironed, The Cloth Edge Of The Zipper Is False Sewn On The Sewing Position Of The Garment Piece, And Then The Front Of The Garment Is Made Clear, And The Car Is In The Appropriate Position. To Level Off, The Edge Can’t Bulging With Unilateral Presser Foot All From The Bottom Of The Car To The Top, Use Zipper Presser Foot, Closer To The Zipper Teeth Can Make The Car Line, From Line To 3/8 Of An Inch, Pieces Powder In The Car Before Open Wire Can Be Used To Draw Positive Picture Of 3/8 Of An Inch Thread, To Dismantle The Zipper Mouth Off After A Good Car Open Wire Stitching, So That You Can Open The Zipper.

Origin Of Nylon Zipper

The Zipper Has Been Widely Used In Clothes All Over The World. It Is An Indispensable Part Of People’s Life And One Of The Most Important And Practical Inventions In The Last Century. So, Who Invented The Zipper? The Inventor Is The Swedish Gideon Sundback. ​​Gideon Sundback (1880-1954) Was An American-swedish Inventor. Between 1906 And 1914, While Working For The Company That Would Later Become The Talon Co., Ltd., Significant Progress Was Made And Patented In Zipper Development. The Name “zipper” Was Coined By B.f. Goodrich Who Used The Sundbach-invented Device On Their New Boots. Originally Mainly Used For Boots And Tobacco Pouches, Zippers Became Popular In The Fashion Industry Two Decades Later. Sundback Also Invented A Machine For Making Zippers.

Identification Of Various Types Of Zippers:

(1) Dyeing (to Fix The Color To Prevent Staining With The Pvc Rubber Base)
(2) The Quality Of The Fasteners. Seam (use Flat Pull, Fold Pull Test Seam Fastness)
(3) The Weight Of The Cloth Belt.
(4) Whether The Nylon Zipper Has A Solid Center Line.
(5) Whether There Is Water Splashing Treatment (waterproof)

“Resin Zipper, Also Known As Plastic-steel Zipper, Is A Zipper Material That Has Been Widely Used In Recent Times. Its Main Material, Plastic-steel, Was Originally Mainly Used For Building Materials, Doors And Windows, Etc., But Due To Its Excellent Characteristics, It Just Meets People’s Requirements For New Zippers , Was Widely Used.plastic Steel, Pom (polyoxymethylene), Is A New Type Of Material That Has Been Widely Used In Recent Years, Because Of Its Excellent Performance, Convenient Processing, And The Characteristics Of Anti-friction, Wear Resistance And Fatigue Resistance, And This At The Same Time, Its Rigidity, Elasticity And Size Are Relatively Stable, And It Has Become The Best Substitute For Non-ferrous Metals Such As Copper, Zinc, And Aluminum. With The Emergence Of Pom, It Was Quickly Applied To Zippers, Thus Realizing The Realization Of Zipper Material Breakthrough.

Metal Zippers Belong To A Kind Of Zipper, Which Refers To Zippers Whose Immovable Teeth Are Made Of Copper, Copper Or Aluminum.

Compared With Nylon Zippers And Resin Zippers, Metal Zippers Are Stronger And Cost More. They Are Mostly Used In Jeans, Coats And Backpacks.


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