Knowledge Of Zippers

The Top Stop Is Fixed On The Tooth Chain Belt To Prevent The Pull Head From Sliding Out Of The Tooth Chain Belt When The Tooth Chain Is Pulled.
A Intubation (pin) Is Fastened At The End Of An Open-tail Zipper For Use As A Tube Type That Completely Separates The Chain Strap.
Box Retainer A Box Piece That Is Fixed To The End Of An Open Zipper And Used To Completely Separate The Chain Strap.
Bottom Stop A Stop That Is Fixed To The Chain Strap And Prevents The Pull Head From Sliding Out Of The Chain Strap When The Chain Is Pulled Apart And Prevents The Two Chains From Completely Separating.

Knowledge Of Zipper Teeth Size

The Zipper Teeth Are Also Divided Into Sizes. The Zippers On The Market Are Arranged From 0# To 30#. The Larger The Model Number, The Larger The Zipper Teeth. However, Most Of The Zippers We Use On Handmade Leather Goods Are Only 3# And 5# Zippers. Generally, 5# Is Used For External Zippers, Because The Overall Width Of 5# Is 31mm, And The Width Of Zipper Teeth Is 6mm, Which Is Relatively Wide And Relatively It Is In Line With The Visual Aesthetics Of The External Zipper; 3# Is Generally Used For The Inner And Outer Zippers, Because The Overall Width Of 3# Is 27mm, And The Width Of The Zipper Teeth Is 4.5mm, Which Is Relatively Narrow And More In Line With The Needs Of The Interior Space.

Knowledge of Zipper Type

“Resin Zipper, Also Known As Plastic-steel Zipper, Is A Zipper Material That Has Been Widely Used In Recent Times. Its Main Material, Plastic-steel, Was Originally Mainly Used For Building Materials, Doors And Windows, Etc., But Due To Its Excellent Characteristics, It Just Meets People’s Requirements For New Zippers , Was Widely Used.plastic Steel, Pom (polyoxymethylene), Is A New Type Of Material That Has Been Widely Used In Recent Years, Because Of Its Excellent Performance, Convenient Processing, And The Characteristics Of Anti-friction, Wear Resistance And Fatigue Resistance, And This At The Same Time, Its Rigidity, Elasticity And Size Are Relatively Stable, And It Has Become The Best Substitute For Non-ferrous Metals Such As Copper, Zinc, And Aluminum. With The Emergence Of Pom, It Was Quickly Applied To Zippers, Thus Realizing The Realization Of Zipper Material Breakthrough.

Invisible Zipper Is Composed Of Chain Teeth, Sliders, Limit Codes (front And Rear) Or Locking Pieces. The Fastener Element Is The Key Part, Which Directly Determines The Side Pull Strength Of The Zipper. Generally, The Invisible Zipper Has Two Pieces Of Chain Belt, And Each Piece Of Chain Belt Has A Row Of Fastener Elements, And The Two Rows Of Fastener Elements Are Arranged In A Staggered Manner. Invisible Zippers Are Mainly Used In Down Jackets, Denim Jackets, Leather Jackets, High-end Jackets, Cold-proof Clothing, Etc. Compared With Nylon Zippers And Resin Zippers, They Are Stronger And More Expensive, And Are Mostly Used On Jeans, Jackets And Backpacks.

What Should Be Paid Attention To When Choosing Zippers?

(1) It should be selected according to the use of the garment, the way of use and maintenance, the thickness, performance and color of the fabric, and the use part of the zipper. Such as thin clothing should choose small zipper.

(2) The shrinkage rate, softness and color of the zipper base cloth (bottom belt) should be considered in harmony with the fabric.

In addition, because zippers have different adaptability in different environments, it should be specially proposed to the manufacturer when choosing zippers:

(1) What kind of products (suitcases, shoes and boots, ski clothes, raincoats, tents, snow-washed jeans or acidic leather products) and other special requirements are used for zippers

(2) For the zipper composition requirements, see whether it needs to be azo free, nickel free, or can pass the needle detector


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