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Zipper Type, Purpose And Use Precautions

Use Of Zipper:

1. Metal Zippers, Mostly Used On Jeans, Coats And Backpacks.

2, Waterproof Zipper, Mostly Used For Cold Clothing, Skiing Clothing, Down Jacket, Nautical Clothing, Wetsuit, Tent, Vehicle Cover, Raincoat, Motorcycle Raincoat, Waterproof Shoes, Fire Clothing, Bags, Clothing, Fishing Clothing And Other Waterproof Related Series Of Supplies.

3, Fire Zipper, Generally Used In Fire Clothing, Kitchen Work Clothes, Such As The Need For Fire Protection Requirements Of Clothing, Fire Prevention Role.
the Fire Zipper Is Composed Of Chain Teeth, Pull Head, Limit Code (front Code And Back Code) Or Locking Parts. The Chain Tooth Is The Most Key Part, Which Directly Determines The Side Pull Strength Of The Zipper. Generally, A Zipper Has Two Pieces Of Chain Belt, Each Piece Of Chain Belt Has A Row Of Teeth, The Two Rows Of Teeth Staggered Each Other. Pull Head Clamp On Both Sides Of The Chain Tooth, With The Help Of Pull Loop Sliding, Can Make Both Sides Of The Chain Tooth Meshing Each Other Or Off.

4. Nylon Zipper Teeth Are Thinner And Look Translucent. It Feels Like A Piece Of Plastic Wire. Plastic Zippers? - It's A Resin Zipper. Teeth Are Thick And Opaque. It Feels Like Pieces Of Plastic. They Usually Have Square Teeth. Nylon Zippers Are Soft And Resin Zippers Are Stiff. General Underwear, Skirts And Other Thin Fabrics And Sweaters With Nylon Zipper More.

Precautions For Zipper Use:

discoloration: The Metal Zipper's Black Teeth And Discoloration Teeth Will Cause Pollution To The Clothing Material, Copper Alloy Once Oxidized, Will Turn Black, The Bag Should Not Be Sealed, Keep Its Ventilation, Pay Attention To Not Full Of Moisture (use Moist-proof Paper, Moist-proof Agent, The Effect Will Be Better)。

Pad Dyeing: The Dye On The Zipper May React With Plastic Agents, Adhesives, Oils And Other Components In Polyethylene, Synthetic Leather, Resin Coating Of Cloth, Etc., And Pad Dyeing May Occur. The Finished Products Should Be Separated By Paper, And Attention Should Be Paid To The Preservation State.


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