Expertise In Zipper Head

(1) Auto lock slider (Auto lock slider) is referred to as self-locking head. The nose of the head has a self-locking small block. Under the action of spring force, it can automatically embed between the chain teeth and lock the head. When opening and closing the zipper, lift the pull piece to drive the small stopper out of the chain. Automatic pull head:

a. One way A/L slider FIG. 2-21a, – The upper plate of the slider is equipped with a sliding automatic lock slider;

b. Two way A/L slider (Figure 2-21b), – The upper plate (slider) and lower plate (slider) of the slider are each equipped with a sliding automatic lock puller;

c. Rotate the self-locking tip (creversible A/L Figure 2-21c). It is an automatic locking tip that can be wrapped around the lower and lower plates of the locking tip.

(2) Pin lock slider (FIG. 2-21D) The slider is equipped with 1 or 2 stoppers. When the slider is pressed down, the stoppers are inserted between the chain teeth and the pullhead is fixed.

Figure 2-21 shows one of the types of pull heads

(3) Non lock slider – Slider without locking function. It can be even or odd:

a. Single-pull lockless pull head (one way N/L Figure 2-22a) The upper panel of the pull head is equipped with a lockless pull head.

b. Two way N/L pull heads (Figure 2-22b) The upper and lower plates of the pull heads are equipped with one lock – free pull head.

c. Rotary latchfree pullover (FIG. 2-22c) in reversible pullover, a latchfree pullover that can be wrapped around the upper and lower plates of the pullover;

d. N/L slider with a lock hole (see Figure 2-22d) There is one or two parallel lock holes on the upper plate of the slider body, which is used for the “O” type zipper. After the zipper is closed, the two sliders can be locked with a lock.

(4) Retainer movable movable pull head for double open zipper which can function as socket and positioning.

Per Puller Are Mainly Used For Zippers Of Garments, Luggage, Etc.according To The Different Materials, Zipper Puller Can Be Divided Into Several Categories Such As Metal Zipper Puller And Plastic Zipper Puller. Different Materials Of Zippers Have Different Shapes, Colors And Patterns Due To Different Production Processes.
Metal Zipper Puller Mainly Made Of Zinc Alloy, Copper, Iron And Other Metal Materials. The Surface Of The Metal Zipper Puller Can Be Electroplated In Different Colors, Or According To Customer’s Customization Requirements To Make Different Patterns, Letters, Shapes, And Other Style Effect. The Metal Zipper Puller With A Flat Surface Can Also Be Printed With A Logo On The Zipper Puller By Laser, Screen Printing,drip Adhesive And Other Processes To Deepen The Brand Exclusivity Of The Backpack.
Metal Zipper Puller
Plastic Zipper Puller Is Made Of Plastic Material (pvc, Tpu, Silicone, Etc.) Injection Molding Zipper Puller, Plastic Zipper Puller Style Shape Is Also Very Variable, According To Customer Requirements To Produce Different Patterns, Letters, Shapes And Other Styles, The Style Is Very Diverse, But Also According To The Size Of The Slider Type To Produce Turning Type, Bending Type, Etc.. Plastic Zipper Puller Can Also Be Printed With Logos, But Most Of Them Have To Be Printed During The Zipper Slider Production Process, And The Produced Plastic Zipper Puller Generally Cannot Be Re-logos. Plastic Zipper Puller Joints, There Are Plastic, Metal And Rope Materials, When Making Zipper Puller, You Can Choose The Corresponding Materials According To Customer Requirements And Backpack Style.
Rope Zipper Puller
The Backpack Zipper Puller Is One Of The Commonly Used Accessories For Backpacks, Which Has A Very Good Effect On The Ease Of Use And The Overall Appearance Of The Backpack. A High Quality Backpack Product Is Not Only Reflected In The Fabric, Workmanship And Other Aspects, But Also The Process And Quality Of The Backpack Zipper, Zipper Puller And Other Accessories Materials Are Very Important.

Puller Is An Important Component Of The Puller Head. In Addition To Function, It Has A Strong Decorative Effect. Many Pullers Are Mostly Carriers Of Brands. It Can Be Designed To Be Connected With The Pull Head Body In Various Geometric Shapes Or Through The Middle Connection (the Connecter) And The Pull Head Body To Achieve Zipper Opening And Closing. There Are Many Materials, Such As Metal, Injection Molding, Leather, Diamond And So On

According To The Size: 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8#, Etc., 3# Metal Pull Head Mouth Height Is 2.1-2.2mm, Mouth Width Is 4.55-4.65; The Mouth Height Of 5# Metal Pull Head Is 2.7-2.8mm, And The Mouth Width Is 6.0-6.05.

Aabout Metal Zipper Latch Slider Retainer

Specific Location Common Sizes How To Use

  1. If The Metal Zipper Head Is Difficult To Pull By Oxidation, You Can First Use Small Objects Such As Toothpicks To Drop Oil Into The Gap Between The Chain And The Slide, And Try To Distribute Evenly. After Waiting For A Few Minutes, Try To Increase The Strength To Pull;
  2. If The Metal Zipper Head Is Still Difficult To Pull, You Can Take Out A Small Hammer Analogue To Knock The Zipper Head In The Direction Parallel To The Chain, Without Too Much Force, Until The Zipper Head Can Slide Smoothly, And Pull It Back And Forth Five Or Six Times By Hand;
  3. If The Metal Zipper Head Is Not Used For A Long Time, A Small Amount Of Oil Can Be Added To Achieve Protection And Avoid Oxidation.


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