The Zipper Mainly Has The Following Physical Indicators

(1) Strength: The Ultimate Load (destructive Power) Borne In A Single Zipper Test.

breaking Strength Crosswise Of Chain Refers To The Ultimate Force Exerted On The Transverse Part Of The Chain Teeth And Cloth Belt Under Specified Conditions.

(2) Holding Strength Of Top Stop Refers To The Ultimate Force Of Pulling The Pull Head Over The Top Stop Or Moving The Top Stop From The Band.

(3) Holding Strength Of Bottom Stop Is The Ultimate Force Exerted On The Two Teeth Chain Belt Through The Pull Head To Act On The Bottom Stop, Making The Bottom Stop Slip Destruction.

(4) O/e Chain Crosswise Strength Refers To The Ultimate Force That Is Applied Horizontally To The Opening End Of The Dental Chain Belt To Make It Open And Destroy The Opening End.

(5) Box slippage strength, the ultimate force to pull the socket out of the fastener chain longitudinally and damage it.

(6) The slider puller pull-off strength refers to the ultimate force that pulls the puller away from the vertical and opposite directions of the slider body.

(7) The slider mouth deflection strength, under the specified conditions, makes the upper and lower plates of the slider engaging mouth produce the force when the upper and lower plates are opened and deformed.

(8) The holding strength of slider lock refers to the ultimate force that the automatic lock slider or the needle lock slider can withstand the pulling force of the opposite sides of the tooth chain without sliding after being locked on the zipper.

(9) Single Element Strength (single Element strength) refers to the ultimate force applied to the sliding of a single element along the tape rib.

(10) Resistance to twist of puller and slider, which is the ultimate torsional failure moment that can be endured between the puller body and the puller under specified conditions.

(11) Tab pull-off strength is the maximum force in the process of pulling and closing the zipper under specified conditions.

(12) Durability of zipper, the number of times the zipper can withstand the reciprocating motion of the slider under the specified lateral and longitudinal tension.

metal zipper

Functional Requirements:

(1) When zipper is pulled and opened, there shall be no clamping, clamping or socket phenomenon: pulling the head back bone should be smooth, flexible, and there is no feeling of beating.

(2) Flexible slide turning, clear trademark.

(3) Intubation is easy to insert or pull out in the socket, and there is no feeling of obstruction.

(4) the combination of the cap of the pull head and the pull head body is firm, reaching the specified value of the project test.

(5) The self-locking device of the self-locking head is flexible and the self-locking performance is reliable. Appearance Requirements:

(1) The chain teeth of the compression zipper should be bright, full, no overflow, no small teeth, teeth injury. Nylon zipper teeth should feel smooth, no burrs, no holes in the head. The chain teeth of the metal zipper should be arranged neatly, not skewed, the tooth foot should not be broken, the edge of the tooth pit should not be cracked, and the surface is smooth.

(2) The zipper cloth belt is bright in color, no color spots, colorless flowers, no dirt, soft feel, scratchy appearance, no wrinkles or distortions, good meshing, in the vertical direction in the horizontal direction, the cloth belt can not be wavy.

(3) The yarn belt of the compression zipper and metal zipper shall not be broken. The sewing line of nylon zipper should not be biased, and should be sewed on the center line, without the phenomenon of jumping needle and reverse sewing. The top stop and bottom stop of all kinds of zippers shall not be installed skew.

(4) Glue neatly. Glue at -35. C, no brittle phenomenon; Repeat 10 times at the adhesive to turn 180. , no broken now

(5) Electroplating pull head, the coating should be bright, no peeling, no serious scratches, coating thickness should be at least greater than 3βm. Paint, plastic spray head surface color bright, uniform and firm coating, no bubbles, no dead Angle and other defects.

(6) The bottom surface of the pull head shall have a clear trademark. Performance Requirements:

(1) The washing shrinkage rate of zipper is not more than 4%; Dry cleaning shrinkage rate is not more than 3%.

(2) Resistance to organic solvents. Dip the zipper at a temperature of (20±2). C in the tetrachloroethylene solution for 2h, then removed to allow natural drying, zipper (manually opened and pulled) must maintain its functional.

(3) Corrosion resistance of zipper components and metal coating. The sample was immersed in 3% Nacl solution and removed for natural drying after 180min. There should be no rust spots after visual inspection.

(4) Additional conditions in certain sales markets. For example, European Community countries stipulate that the main raw material zinc alloy of pulling head cannot contain nickel (Ni) element and prohibit the use of vulcanized dyes. Sulfur (S) and lead (pb) elements cannot be contained in the dye of the yarn strip, and azo dyes are not included


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