How To Tell The Size Of The Zipper Head

Zipper Head Model Comparison Table

One, Invisible Zipper Nylon, Cloth Edge, Lace 2#-5#;

Two, As Nose Nylon, Plastic Steel, Metal 2#-10#

Three, Automatic Head Nylon, Plastic Steel, Metal 2#-10# (Each Other And Play Two Points, Play Four Points)

Four, There Are Elephant Nose Locomotive, Automatic Locomotive (5#8#10#)

V. European Head Nylon, Plastic Steel, Metal (3#-10#)

  1. Yg Head 3#, 5#

Seven, Needle 3, 45, 5

Eight, Metal Zipper: #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10

Nine, Glue Teeth Zipper: #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, #10

Nylon Zipper: #3, #4, #5, #8, #10

How About Zipper Size

How To Confirm The Zipper Size And Model

Look At The Size Of The Zipper, That Is, Look At The Number Behind The Pull Head, That Is The Zipper Model, If There Is No Number Behind The Pull Head, and The Zipper Model Is The Width Of The Zipper Teeth Closed. Zipper Models Are 0#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8#, 9#, 10#, 20#, 30#, Etc. The Size Of The Zipper Is Generally Proportional To The Size Of The Teeth.

Closed Zipper: The Back Size Is Fixed And Can Only Be Opened From The Front End. When The Zipper Is Fully Open, The Two Chains Are Connected By The Back Code And Cannot Be Separated. Suitable For Ordinary Bag.

Open Zipper: The Lower End Of The Tooth Chain Without A Back Code For Locking. The Locking Part Is Equivalent To A Closed Zipper When It Is Locked, The Pulling Head Is Pulled By The Locking Part Is Separated, And The Chain Belt Can Be Separated. Suitable For Clothing Or Often Need To Be Unrolled Items.

Double Zipper: Have Two Pullers That Can Be Opened Or Closed From Either End. The Two Pullers Can Be Fully Opened By Pulling Them Apart Against The Lock Piece. Suitable For Large Bags, Sleeping Gear, Tent, Etc.

How To Tell The Size Of The Zipper Head
The Base Of The Zipper Head Will Have Specifications, Such As 3,5, And 8, Representing The Pull Head For The 3# Zipper, The Pull Head For The 5# Zipper, And The Pull Head For The 8 # Zipper. The Size Parameters Of The Zipper Head Include Mouth Height And Mouth Width, Respectively Representing The Width And Height Of The Zipper Head.
Usually 3#, 5#, 3# On The Pants. Pure Numbers Can Tell That The Zipper Size 5 Is Bigger, After All, 5 Is Bigger Than 3. Cowboy Chain Generally Needs To Be Washed, Is Copper Stamping Pull Head, The Strength Of The Zipper Requirements Are High; 4 Yg & # 92.
According To The Size Of The Zipper Head, The Shape Of The Teeth Is Different From That Of The Ordinary Ones. The Main Reason Is That The Teeth Of The Zipper Are Made Of Copper.
Of Course, It Is Generally Divided Into 45yg5yg, Which Has Its Special Meaning. The Details Will Not Be Left Out. There Is A Special Classification In The Zipper, The Reason Why It Is Called Yg Is In The Specification. There Is No Empty Space In The Middle Of The Zipper. The Teeth Of The Zipper Chain Are Complete! Usually, The Package Is At Least 100.


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