Here Are Some Simple Zippers And Pull-ups

Zipper Basics

Zipper Has A Lot Of Knowledge, The Following Is A Concise List Of Some Knowledge Points For Reference.

Zipper Assembly

Zipper Is Generally Divided Into Closed Tail, Open Tail, Double Open Tail, Closed Tail Double Head Double Tail System That Is “o” Shape, Closed Tail Zipper Is Used For Pants Front, Pockets And Other Parts, Open Tail Double Open Tail Zipper Is Used For Jacket Front. “o” Shape Is More Used In Luggage Clothing Less Used.

Zipper Classification Zipper Is Mainly

Divided Into Metal Zippers, Resin Zipper, Nylon Zipper, Invisible Zipper, and Waterproof Zipper, Metal Zipper Tooth Color Generally Includes Bronze, Brass, White Copper, Red Copper, Black Nickel, Black Nickel And So On. The Rest Of The Teeth Is Color Matching.

Specification And Length Of Zipper

Zipper Is Divided Into 3#, 4#, 5#, 8#, and 10# Specifications From Small To Large, Invisible Zipper Is Generally 3#, 4#, and 3# For The Conventional Specifications.

The Length Of The Zipper Varies According To The Actual Requirements Of The Garment. The Effective Size Of The Zipper Should Be Given When Ordering The Zipper, Namely The Length From Top To Bottom Of The Zipper.

Pull Head

Pull Head Material Is Divided Into Metal Pull Head, Nylon Pull Head, And Resin Pull Head. Metal Pull Head Color Is Divided Into Plated White, Plated Yellow, Bronze, Red Copper, Black Nickel, Black, White Nickel, and Matte Silver. The Color Of The Metal Pull Head Is Generally Consistent With The Color Of The Metal Teeth. Nylon And Resin Pull Head General Requirements With The Cloth Belt, Mi Tooth Color Unity, Can Match The Color.

Pull Head Forms Are Divided Into Automatic Head, Needle Lock Head, Spring Head, No Needle, Like Nose Head, Guide Without Lock Pull Head, Guide With Lock Pull Head, Shrapnel Type, Etc. Conventional Use Of Automatic Head More, The Rest Depends On The Needs Of Guests. The Guide Puller Is Used For Double-sided Garments Wear

zipper puller

Precautions For Zippers

Because The Zipper Has Different Adaptability In Different Environments, It Should Be Put Forward When It Is Used In Special Products. Such As Raincoats, Washable Jeans, Acid Leather Products, Etc.

2 Metal Zipper Washing Will Have Discoloration Phenomenon, Which Is Determined By Its Chemical Properties, So In The Purchase Of Metal Zipper Should Indicate Special Use And Special Requirements, Such As Ordinary Water, Acid Enzyme Washing, and Silicone Oil Washing.

Order The Elements Of The Zipper

The Assembly Mode Of the Zipper Is Open Tail, Closed Tail, or Double Open Tail… Etc.

The Size Of The Zipper Is 3# 5#… Etc.

Large Body Fabric Color Code For Zipper Matching

Effective Length Of Zipper, Namely Garment Pocket Length, Garment Flap Length, Etc

If There Is A Requirement To Match The Special Pull Head, It Should Be Put Forward. If There Is No Special Requirement, It Is Generally The Default Automatic Head.

The Above Five Points Must Be Provided When Ordering Zippers, All Of Which Are Indispensable.

The Type Of Zipper With Different Functions, There Are Open, Closed, Top Stop, Bottom Stop, And So On.

Zipper Pull Head Can Be Divided Into Automatic, Semi-automatic, No Automatic Stop Slide Pull Heads; Puller Can Be Simple Puller, Can Also Be Customized.

Zipper Material Nylon Zipper Common Zipper: Toothed Structure Made Of Plastic Nylon. Features; Low Cost, Durable. Application: Backpack, Jacket, Pants, Sneakers

Invisible Zipper Front Can Not See The Shape Of Teeth, Beautiful And Generous, Many Changes.

Use: Clothing (no Zipper, Increase Aesthetic Feeling).

Plastic Steel Zipper Tooth Shape Structure Made Of Plastic Steel, Is A New Zipper. Features: Light Weight, Bright Color And Changeable, Good Wear Resistance, High, And Low Temperature Are Not Metamorphic, Good Touch, No Scratching, Good Sliding, Insulation, Chemical Corrosion Resistance, And Other Characteristics.

Application: The Range Is Very Broad, Especially The Most Sports And Leisure Supplies.

The Toothed Structure Of A Zipper Is Made Of Metal, Usually Aluminum, Nickel, Or Copper. Features: Strong, Durable, But Poor Sliding, High Cost: Jeans, Leather.

Zip Number #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10

Nylon Zipper V V V V V V V V V V V V V V

Plastic Steel Zipper V V V V V V V V V V

Specifications For Metal Zippers V V V V V V V V V V V V V Zipper (unit: Mm)

Nylon Zipper Cloth Wide Teeth Wide

3 25+ -0.5 4.10+ -0.05

5 30+ -0.5 5.95+ -0.05

7 30+ -0.5 6.45+ -0.05

Plastic Steel Zipper Cloth Wide Teeth Wide

3 25+ -1 4.6+ -0.05

5 30+ -1 5.6+ -0.05

8 36+ -1 7.6+ -0.05

10 36+ -1 8.6+ -0.05

Materials For Making Zippers

Nylon Zipper, Polyester Yam, Monofilament, Suture, Plastic Zipper
, Zinc Alloy

Type Of Zipper:

Closed Mouth, Open Mouth, Double Closed Mouth, Ring Closed Mouth,o Double Pull Head, Closed Mouth, X Double Pull Phase Back

A. Common Identification Methods For Zipper Quality (cloth Belt) :

Cloth Belt: Dyed Evenly, No Stain, No Scar, And Feel Soft, In The Vertical Direction Or In The Horizontal Direction, The Cloth Belt Should Be Wavy.

Teeth: The Surface Of Teeth Should Be Smooth, Soft, And Smooth When Pulling, And Less Noise.

Pull Head: Self-locking Pull Head Pull Easily, Locking Without Slipping.

Stick Cloth: Stick Cloth Closely To The Cloth Belt, Not Easy To Break, Fall Off.

Box Sheath: Interspersed Freely, Fastening Cloth Belt.

Top Stop, Bottom Stop: A. The Top Stop Should Be Tightly Fastened To The First Tooth (metal, Nylon), But The Distance Should Not Exceed 1mm And It Should Be Strong And Perfect.

B. Bottom Stop Teeth Or Clamp On Top, And Strong And Perfect.

B, Important Tips When Buying Zippers Because Zippers In Different Environments Have Different Adaptability, So When Buying Zippers Should Be Put Forward To The Manufacturer:

  1. What Kind Of Products (such As Leather Cases, Shoes, Ski Clothes, Raincoats, Awnings, and Jeans Need To Be Washed Or More Acidic Leather Products) Or Other Special Requirements?
  2. For The Requirements Of Zipper Ingredients, Whether It Needs To Be Azo Free, Nickel Free, Or Can Pass The Needle Detector.


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