Types And Characteristics Of Zippers

Types And Characteristics Of Zippers

The Following Points Should Be Noted When Choosing Zippers:

(1) Should Be Based On The Purpose Of The Clothing, The Use Of Maintenance, Fabric Thickness, Performance, And Color, As Well As The Use Of Zipper Parts To Choose. Small Zippers Should Be Used For Light Clothing.

(2) The Shrinkage Rate, Softness, And Color Of The Zipper Base Cloth (bottom Belt) Should Be Considered.

In Addition, Because The Zipper Has Different Adaptability In Different Environments, It Should Be Specially Proposed To The Manufacturer When Purchasing The Zipper:

(1) What Kind Of Products Should Zippers Be Applied To (leather Cases, Shoes, Ski Clothes, Raincoats, Awnings, Snowwashed Jeans, Or Acid Leather Products) And Other Special Requirements

(2) The Requirements Of Zipper Composition, To See Whether It Needs Azo Free, Nickel Free, Or Can Pass The Needle Detector

Here We Introduce The Structure Of The Zipper In Detail.

Zipper Assembly

The Zipper Is A Connecting Piece Composed Of Two Flexible Tooth Chain Belts That Can Mesh With Each Other And Pull That Can Make It Pull And Pull Repeatedly

① Anterior Lead, ② Chain Teeth, ③ Shoulder Lead, ① Intubation, ② Chain Strap, ③ Chain,

④ Top Stop, ⑤ Pull Head, ⑥ Cloth Belt, ④ Socket, ⑤ Strengthen Tape

⑦ Bottom Stop, ⑧ With Tendons

Types And Characteristics Of Zippers

Types And Characteristics Of Zippers

The Zipper Structure In The Figure Above Is Described In Detail As Follows

Flexible Tape Made Of Cotton Yarn, Chemical Fiber, Or Mixed Chemical Fiber, Used To Carry Chain Teeth And Other Zipper Components.

(2) The Bead Edge Is Used To Carry The Strengthening Part Of The Metal Or Plastic Chain Teeth.

(3) Rope Refers To A Rope Made Up Of Strands Of Fiber In The Middle Of A Rope.

(4) Chain Teeth (scoops) Refers To The Teeth With a Certain Shape After Processing Of Metal, Plastic, And Other Materials.

Concept And Structure Of Zipper

The Concept Of Zipper: By Two Mutually Meshing Flexible Tooth Chain Belt And Can Make It Repeatedly Pull Open And Pull Together The Connecting Piece
The Basic Principle Of Zipper: By The Two Teeth Chain Belt, Through The Action Of The Pull Head, Can Be Pulled Or Pulled Together At Will
When The Pull Head Moves Forward, The Legs Of The Two Teeth On The Chain Chain Are Pushed Due To The Limitation Of The Shape Of The Pull Head In The Inner Cavity Of The Pull Head, So As To Engage With Each Other Regularly, Which Forms The Closure Of The Zipper
When The Manti System Needs To Relieve The Shien Word Along With The Standby South To Connect With Ronce Fafenbhuabed, The Chain Teeth Are Separated One By One By Two Due To The Effect Of The Inner Cavity Of The Pull Head
Squeeze Don’t Pull The Overburden Graben Jicai Teeth Uneasy Card Density Is Greater Than The Width Of The Pull Head Cavity Mouth Limit

Metal Finished Zipper Opening Manufacturing Process

Tooth Row → Chain Closing → Polishing → Oxidation → Drying → Oil Cutting On The Shelf → Buttoning → Punching → Pressing → Cutting Teeth → Fixing The Size → Shaping The Pull Head → Punching The Top Stop → Complete Inspection → Final Inspection → Packaging → Packing → Storage


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