How Was The Zipper Invented? Did You Know It Was Once A Symbol Of Rebellion And Sexual Openness?

Zipper Also Called Zipper, Now Has Become An Indispensable Item In Our Daily Life, The Invention Of Zipper Is Known As One Of The Ten Modern Inventions. Today We’re Going To Talk About The Invention Of The Zipper And How, For A Long Time After It Was Invented, The Zipper Was Considered A Symbol Of Rebellion And Sexual Openness.

The Invention Of Zipper
The Invention Of Zipper Can Be Traced Back To The 19th Century. In 1851, American Alex Invented The Prototype Of Zipper, “automatic Continuous Garment Lock”. However, This Kind Of Lock Was Not Popular Because It Was Easy To Rust, Loose, Inconvenient To Use, And Required High Precision And High Cost.
Picture Of Alex And His Invention

By 1893, Mid-length Leather Boots With Tied Laces Were In Fashion. There Is A Retired American Football Player, Judson, Because He Put On And Take Off His Boots Every Day. So He Applied The Zipper Concept To Shoes For The First Time With A Device Called The Shoe Clasp, Which Unlocks Or Connects Metal Hooks And Rings With A Single Lead. It Can Be Said That This Is The World’s First Modern Sense Of Zipper, At That Time Attracted The Attention Of Many Clothing Suppliers, But This Kind Of Lock Is Unstable, It Is Easy To Collapse When Opened, So It Has Not Been Widely Popularized.

Judson And His Inventions

The Zipper Design We Use Today Was Introduced In 1913 By Senbeck, Chief Designer Of Universal Fasteners. Senbeck Adapted Judson’s Design By Adding Sliders That Enabled Sliding Fastenings, Increased Tooth Density, And Added Grooves And Bumps In Two Opposite Rows Of Teeth And In Each Tooth. A “detachable Fastener” Was Introduced.

Diagram Of Senbeck And His Inventions

The English Name Zipper Came From Goodrich’s, A Company That Used Zippers In The Shoes They Made. Boss Goodrich Liked The Sound Of The Zipper, So He Named It “zipper” After The Onomatopoeia And Stuck With It Ever Since.

After World War Ii, It Became A Symbol Of Rebellion And Sexual Openness

Later, After The Zipper Production Technology Continues To Advance, With The Use Of Nylon Material, The Zipper Is Celebrated Across The Development Of The Times, Nowadays Zipper Is Not Only An Indispensable Item In Our Life, And Has Been Widely Used In Space Suits, Fire And Other Professional Fields, Also From Brass Metal Materials Such As Plastic Or Nylon Instead Of Lighter. A Hundred Years Later, The Zipper Is Still Low-key.


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