Several Repair Methods Of Zipper Damage

  1. If The Iron Edges On Both Sides Of The Zipper Fall Off. Repair Method: You Can Fold One End Of A Staple Inward, So That It Is Parallel To The Iron Bar, And Pull The Other End Straight. Cut Off The Excess Of The Staple At The Straight End, Depending On How Long The Iron Edge Of The Zipper Has Come Off. The Cut Staple Should Be Placed In The Position Of The Original Iron Edge, With The Folded End Placed Below, Flush With The Bottom Edge Of The Zipper, And The Other End Folded To The Same Point. Then Use The Windbreaker Needle To Lock The Needle To Sew Two Pieces Back And Forth, The Staple Wrapped In The Inside, The Width Should Be Equal To The Original Iron Edge; The Bottom Staple Is Stitched Tightly With Thread, Stitched Flat, And Touched With Wax, So That The Maintenance Effect Is The Same As The Original Iron Edge, Open And Pull Freely.
  2. If The Zipper Is Missing Teeth. Maintenance Method: In The Original Tail With A Sharp Mouth Or A Lens To Pry Open The Zipper Teeth To Remove A Few Teeth, Installed In The Tooth Site, And Then Gently Press The Teeth On The Edge Of The Cloth, So That He Can Bite Firmly.
  3. Sometimes The Zipper Won’t Open, Or Won’t Move In The Middle Of The Zipper, Because The Tooth Is Crooked, Or The Fiber Of The Cloth Belt Is Loose. If The Pull Tooth Is Crooked, It Can Be Straightened With A Steel Needle, Then Smoothed, And Then Gently Flattened With A Small Mallet To Make The Pull Work. If The Cloth Band Is Loose, The Canthus Can Pull The Mismatch Of The Cloth Band, So That The Teeth Are Evenly Aligned, You Can Pull.
  4. There Are Two Reasons Why The Zipper Is Not Smooth: First, The Chain Teeth Are Corroded Or Contaminated With Dirt; The Other Is A Cloth Edge Or Something In The Logos. The Former, Just Use Wax On Both Sides Of The Zipper Gently Wipe, Can Be Smooth And Free; The Latter, Should Slowly Return The Key Head To The Original Place, To The Body Foreign Body. The Zipper Is Not Closed Because It Has Been Used For A Long Time, And The Distance Between The Upper And Lower Pieces Of The Chain Head Has Been Fixed Or Changed. Just Use Pliers To Pinch Up And Down Or Side To Side, But Be Careful Not To Use Too Much Force To Avoid Breaking The Clip.
waterproof zipper
nylon zipper
  1. If The Zipper Lock Is Broken, You Have To Change The Zipper Lock.
  2. If It Is Not Broken, Proceed As Follows: First, Remove The Top Tooth Of The Zipper With Pliers, Both Sides Should Be Removed; Then Pull The Lock Of The Zipper To The Top; Then The Two Teeth Are Joined Together; Then Put The Zipper Lock Cover In (there Is A Certain Difficulty, Because The Diameter Of The Metal Zipper Is Relatively Thick, If It Is Not Into The Sleeve, Cut A Small Hole On The Diameter Line, Remember, Do Not Cut In The Place Of The Big Teeth, Should Be Cut By The Top Place, Otherwise The Big Teeth Can Not Be Mounted); Finally, After The Zipper Lock Is Put In, The Big Teeth Are Installed And Everything Is Good.
  3. Zipper Slip Tips: Zipper Damp Or Rust, Oxidation, Pull Is Not Smooth, Hard Also Can Not Move, Such As A Candle In Two Rows Of Teeth Brush Back And Forth A Few Times, And Put On The Fire To Bake, Pull Up Is Very Slippery.
  4. If The Zipper Is Opened After It Is Closed: This Problem Is Because The Head Is Pulled For Too Long, And The Caliber Becomes Larger. If You Want To Temporarily Solve This Problem, It Is Good To Clip The Head And Tail With Pliers.


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