Master The Skills Of Sewing Zippers

metal zipper

Open Zipper, This Kind Of Zipper Is Used In Jacket Or Waistcoat And Other Styles Of Clothing;

A Double Zipper Can Be Used In Pants Or Skirts, And Sometimes In Coats Or Jackets. This Article Mainly Describes The Sewing Methods Of These Functional Zippers.

Invisible Zipper, Because The Zipper Can Not Be Seen From The Appearance Of Clothing, So It Is Called Invisible Zipper, This Kind Of Zipper Is Suitable For Clothing Fabric Color And Zipper Color Does Not Match The Occasion;

When Sewing Zippers, We Need To Make Some Preparations In Advance So As To Achieve Better Results. When Installing Zippers, The Length Of Zippers Varies According To The Need. No Matter What Length Is Needed,

It Is Recommended That The Length Of The Zipper Is Slightly Longer Than The Actual Length. After Installing The Zipper, Remove The Excess Part.

Before Installing The Zipper, It Is A Good Idea To Iron Some Fusible Lining On The Zipper Area. Especially When Sewing Lightweight Or Unstable Fabrics, Use A Thin Fusible Lining About An Inch Wide And The Length Of The Zipper Opening.

It Will Help The Sewing Effect And Appearance A Lot.

Overlapping (asymmetry On Both Sides)

Set The Zipper Opening With Fake Thread For 5/8 Inch Seam Position And Seam Position, Then Iron The Seam Position, Place The Closed Zipper Facing The Good Seam Position On The Reverse Side Of The Garment Sheet, So That The Edge Of The Cloth On The Right Side Of The Zipper Is Aligned With The Seam Position Edge Of The Garment Sheet.

Secure The Seams Of The Zipper Cloth And Pieces With A 1/4 Inch Seam, Being Careful Not To Catch The Pieces, Then Flip The Zipper To The Front, Along The False Seam Or As Close As Possible To The Other Side Of The False Seam,

Open The Fabric So That The Piece Is Side Up And Run A 3/8-inch Wide Open Thread From The Bottom Front Of The Zipper To The Top, Then Remove The False Stitches.

resin zipper

Slit (symmetrical On Both Sides)

The Sewing Position Of The Clothes (including The False Sewing Of The Zipper Mouth), Ironing The Sewing Position, The Cloth Edge Of The Zipper Is False Sewn On The Sewing Position Of The Garment Piece, And Then The Front Of The Clothes To Show The Line, The Car To The Appropriate Position.

To Be Flat, Can Not Make The Edge Arch (wave), With A Single Foot From The Bottom To The Top, The Use Of Zipper Foot, Can Make The Car Line Closer To The Zipper Teeth, Line Spacing Is 3/8 Inch,

Before Opening The Zipper, Paint A 3/8 Inch Seam On The Front Of The Piece With Paint Powder. Remove The False Seam On The Zipper After Opening The Zipper.


Hidden Form Is An Easy And Quick Way To Install Zippers, Because There Is No Need For Fake Wire And Front Wire. Using Invisible Zipper Pressure Foot, It Can Bring The Wire To The Zipper Teeth As Close As Possible.

So As To Achieve The Invisible Effect That Looks Like The Zipper “disappears” In The Garment Piece From The Front.

The Zipper Should Be Unzipped Before Sewing The Garment Piece. The Teeth Of The Zipper Should Be Ironed As Flat As Possible With A Low Temperature Iron. The Zipper Cannot Be Closed When Installing The Zipper.

There Are Two Kinds Of Pressfoot For Installing Invisible Zipper, One Is Unilateral Pressfoot And The Other Is Grooved Pressfoot. Pay Attention To The Position When Installing Pressfoot. The Unilateral Pressfoot Makes The Needle Lean Against The Edge Of The Pressfoot.

Make The Zipper Teeth Run Under The Groove For The Gap In The Middle Of The Presser Foot.

When Installing The Zipper, Install The Left Zipper First, From The Top Car To The Bottom, Until The End Of The Zipper, And Then Start From The Bottom, The Zipper On The Other Side Of The Car, Pay Attention To The Same Height, The Wire Trace Is As Close As Possible To The Zipper Teeth,

Car To The Appropriate Position, And Then Complete The Garment Section Can Be Closed.

Keep In Mind That This Will Allow The Zipper To Sew Smoothly To The Garment Without Leaving A Gap. It Is Recommended To Start Stitching As Close To The End Of The Zipper As Possible, And Then Sew The Gap By Hand Or Completely By Machine.

Or Use A Zipper To Press The Foot As Close As Possible.


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