Expertise On Zippers

Metal zipper types

1.Close End Zipper
2.Double Close End Zipper(x Shaped Zipper)
3.Double End Zipper(o Shaped Zipper)
4.Double Zipper
5.Zipper Left Open Tail
6.Open End Right Zipper

1.Close zipper

2.Open zipper

3.Reverse zipper

4.Double pull head opposite

5.Double pull Head opposite head

(1) It Should Be Selected According To The Purpose Of The Clothing, The Way Of Use And Maintenance, The Thickness, Performance And Color Of The Fabric, As Well As The Part Where The Zipper Is Used. Such As Light Clothing Should Use Small Zipper.

(2) The Shrinkage, Softness, And Color Of The Zipper Base Fabric (bottom Tape) Should Be Considered In Harmony With The Fabric.

In Addition, Because Zippers Have Different Adaptability In Different Environments, When Purchasing Zippers, You Should Make Special Recommendations To The Manufacturer:

(3) What Kind Of Products Are The Zippers Applied To (luggage, Shoes, Ski Jackets, Raincoats, Tents, Snow-washed Jeans Or Leather Products With High Acidity) And Other Special Requirements

(4)the Requirements For The Composition Of The Zipper, See Whether It Needs To Be Free Of Azo, Free Of Nickel, Or To Pass The Needle Detector

Below We Have A Detailed Description Of The Zipper Structure In The Figure Above (1) Tape Is A Flexible Tape Woven Of Cotton Yarn, Chemical Fiber Or Mixed Chemical Fiber, Which Is Used To Carry Chain Teeth And Other Zipper Components.

(1) The Bead Ribbon Edge Is Used To Carry The Metal Or Plastic Chain Tooth Strengthening Part.

(2) A Rope Is A Rope Consisting Of Multiple Fibers In The Middle Of A Rope.

(3) Chain Teeth (scoops) Refers To The Teeth Of Metal, Plastic And Other Materials In A Certain Shape After Processing.

(4) Filler Cord Is A Kind Of Cord Processed From Multi-strand Fiber Wires And Used In The Production Of Nylon Zipper Tethers.

(5) Chain Refers To A Continuous Chain Of Teeth.

(6) The One Side Zipper Chain Is Fixed On The Cloth Belt And Called The Zipper Chain.

(7) Zipper Chain (zipper Chain) By The Two Sides Of The Tooth Chain Meshing Into A Chain Belt.

(8) The Top Stop Is Fixed On The Tooth Chain Belt. When The Tooth Chain Is Pulled, The Pulling Head Slides Out Of The Tooth Chain Belt.

(9) The Bottom Stop Is Fixed On The Chain Belt, Which Prevents The Pull Head From Sliding Out Of The Chain Belt When The Chain Is Pulled Open, And Makes The Two Sides Of The Chain Belt Not Completely Separated.

(10) Back & Forth Head Tape The Cloth Tape Without Chain Teeth On The Zipper Is Called The Lead, The Top End Is The Front Lead, And The Bottom End Is The Back Lead. a Intubation (also Known As A Pin Latch) Is Affixed To The End Of The Open-tail Zipper And Is Used In The Tubule Form That Completely Separates The Chain Strap.

(11) Box Retainer (box Retainer) A Square Piece Fixed At The End Of The Open Zipper For Completely Separating The Chain Strap.

(12) Two Pin A Tubular Pin That Fits With A Cannula And Is Used On A Double Tail Zipper.strengthened Tape A Compound Sheet Used To Strengthen The Binding Strength Of Cannulas, Sockets And Cloth Straps And Improve The Service Life Of Zippers. (16) Pull Head A Moving Part That Engages And Pulls The Chain Teeth.

Metal zipper (tooth raw material is brass);

Resin zipper tooth shape (tooth raw material is ambrosia);

Nylon zipper teeth (tooth shape raw material is nylon monofilaments).


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